Why was my order cancelled?

We will be unable to process your order/item if one of the following scenarios takes place:

  • Order Verification - Wrong Phone Number
  • Item not Fulfilled by Supplier
  • Wrong country selected
  • Duplicate order

Please note - When we are unable to process an order, it will be automatically cancelled. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you of the same.


One of the item(s) has been cancelled from my order, why?

We want to make sure that everything in your order is in perfect condition before sending it out to you.

Sometimes, the item or the size you have bought was the last piece we had in supplier inventory, and during the usual quality check, it doesn’t pass as it was not in a condition, we would want you to have and thus it gets cancelled.

Please check the email updates from us as it will contain the latest information about your order and any refunds where applicable.


Some items from my order got cancelled, how do I get my refund?

If you have paid via PayPal, we will refund the paid value of these cancelled items in the form of TALA DRESS Credit & you will receive an email with your new TALA DRESS credit balance once your refund is complete.

If you have paid by credit/debit card, the funds paid are reserved by the card-issuing bank - we don't actually claim the money until your order is shipped and handed over to the carrier partner. The Bank releases the payment to us only for those products which get shipped.


How can I cancel an item or the entire order?

Order/ item cancellation accepted only within 4 hours of order placement (i.e. before we process order further)

To cancel an item/order:

  1. Please Sign in to your TALA DRESS account.
  2. Search your list of orders and find the one you want to cancel under MY Orders tab.
  3. Select Order Details.
  4. Please select the cancellation reason.
  5. Select Cancel order.

The cancellation of your order or an item from the order, would then be processed and you would also receive an email with the update for the cancelled item(s) / order


Why am I not able to cancel my order?

You can’t cancel an order that’s already processed or shipped.

Once your order has been shipped or is in the process of being shipped, we can’t stop the delivery and even can’t cancel it.


Can I restore a cancelled item from my order?

No. you have to make new order.

 After cancellation do I need to contact anyone?

Once the shipment is cancelled, you will be getting an email notification from our end with the details. It’s not required for you to contact anyone.


Discount coupon codes


Are my coupon codes valid for all products available on TALA DRESS?

 At TALA DRESS, we aim to give our customers the best deals and discounts. While your coupon codes for discounts are applicable on most items, however, some times we tailor coupon code to give you the best offers which can not applied on all items.

 You'll be informed that the coupon code isn't valid for a particular item once you have applied it.